I’ve just put together a few of my favourite film effects from the Scratchtapes collection, into a mini pack of Final Cut Pro templates. Frame Damage Vol2, is a collection of 15 FCPX effects and a few flare and film clutter transitions.

The templates are made up of telecines from super 8 and 16mm film. The scans are over sized and in some cases, can be cropped in or windowed to reduce the sprocket holes, if need be. I used a few different cutting edge techniques to achieve the damaged effects, including bucket processing out of date film, hand scratching with a hot needle and coating removal with a pan scrubber.

Themed around severe film damage, this collection is ideal for grunge and damaged film elements in any graphics/motion graphics or editing project. Used with adjustment layers, the templates can effect underlying elements in quite extreme ways. Used as backgrounds or layers, both the clips and the image textures can be combined to create various lo fi effects. All templates are based on a UHD 25p timeline, but should work well at most resolutions.

This video gives a brief overview of how to work with the templates and is intended as just a starting point. Layer up, combine with text/images and grunge up the cleanest of footage.

I’ll be adding to these over the next few months, so please subscribe to the blog if you’d be interested in updates on future template packs.

Frame Damage Vol 2 can be downloaded via our Gumroad store…

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