Chill Factor Films is an indie creator of genre driven factual films, which strives to entertain and explore new directions for visual storytelling, revisiting the analogue past, whilst embracing the world of digital filmmaking, online media and sound production.


Started by Adrian Frearson in the early 90’s and with roots firmly in the sub culture world of action sports, the Chill Factor Films label rose from the release of the snowboard film “Another Dimension”. From there on, the label produced numerous titles, for both TV and direct to video, as well as increasingly being involved in commercial production. Since 2020, following the release of “Codename Rendlesham”, Chill Factor Films has become primarily focused on developing short form concepts, as well as mid length and feature documentaries for vod/streaming/emerging platforms. A number of stories are currently being produced/developed, which aim to challenge and stretch the boundaries of traditional factual storytelling.