Chill Factor Films started it’s life as a collective back in the early 90’s, with roots firmly in the action sports world.  Instigated by myself, Adrian Frearson and with the help of a group of good friends, we shot a snow/skate film under the Chill Factor moniker. “Another Dimension” was shot using mainly second hand super8 and hi8 cameras and was edited in borrowed studio downtime. Over the following years, Chill Factor became a more unified collective, with major contributions from fellow Essex boy and skateboarder Mark Munson. Together as a duo, we produced several music videos, snowboard and skateboard films during the late 90’s, under the Chill Factor banner. Titles included ” Ephemera” & “White Label” , which also included the talents of Steve Cardwell, a graphic designer and motion artist. Also hailing from Essex, Steve has also been a mainstay of many productions throughout the years.

For a short period during 2001-2004, we shared workspace at the TWB harbour offices in Brightlingsea. As well as continuing to produce commercial material for specialist channels, several new titles were also self produced, including the windsurf film “The Hustlers Convention”, co produced with Dave ” Whitey” White.