Avalanche Alley

Begin Again, year highlights

This documentary will center around the science, beauty and importance of seasonal snow and avalanches. The increase in back country sports and seasonal decreases in ski resort snow cover, are now bringing more and more people into contact with avalanches. While this sometimes sadly, results in tragedy, it can’t be forgotten that avalanches are a part of nature world. Nurturing an understanding of avalanches as a natural part of the mountain environment and one that has beneficial rewards to it, will be a main aim and focus.


As many people are now aware, global warming has made an impact in the Alps and mountain ranges worldwide, particularly over the last 20 years. Coupled with changes in our habits, this becomes an inevitable factor in how avalanches affect us, as well as the impact on wildlife and the habitat of the Alps. The documentary intends to explore this aspect of the subject and probe some of the science behind the humble snow flake.

So far the film has taken two winters of research and filming in the Haute Savoie region of the French Alps. I’ve put together two early teasers from these two winters and am continuing to film through the current winter.