Frame Damage

Frame Damage, is a mini collection of 11 HD clips and around 25 Image textures. Themed around severe film damage, this collection is ideal for grunge and damaged film elements in any graphics/motion graphics or editing project. Used as overlays, the clips can effect underlying elements in quite extreme ways. Used as backgrounds or layers, both the clips and the image textures can be combined to create various lo fi effects. All clips are 25p, but will work well run at 24p/30p.

Purchase Frame Damage $20.00 Commercial & Personal use licence.

The clips are made up of 7 telecines from super 8 film and 4 scans from Super 8 and 16mm. The scans are over sized and can cropped in or windowed to remove the sprocket holes, if need be. I used a few different cutting edge and very scientific techniques to achieve the damaged effects, including bucket processing out of date film, hand scratching with a hot needle and coating removal with a pan scrubber.

I’ve also included some image textures in this pack, which could hopefully be useful for graphic/motion graphics elements. Again these are mostly scans of film frames. Below is a short promo clip, showing what is possible with this pack alone. The only effect used, apart from straight composites, were dissolves. No colour correction or grading was done to the footage.

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