Scratchtapes : Glitch

The Glitch pack, contains 20 short effect clips, principally for use as transitions, though a couple of the longer clips could be used as backgrounds, or on their own. The clips are made up of film clutter, light streaks, video interference, noise and general low fi glitches. Intended mainly as transitions, they are best overlayed, using composite modes, over cut points. Short fade ins/outs can also be added to taste. For tutorials on how to use these, please visit the main scratchtapes page here.

All clips are either 720/1080 ProRes or PhotoJPEG. All are at 25 frames per second. Retiming or conforming should work fine for NTSC based projects. Please check your NLE or FX software for instructions.

Available as a secure zip download at $10.00 For commercial and personal use.