Tin Foiled

Coming soon..

The Covid crisis, produced a flood of claims of conspiracy theory, propelling this term to the forefront of daily media coverage. What lays behind it and how have the distinctions between science and pseudo science become fogged by a click hungry world?

Conspiracy theory, that key term that has somehow entered our everyday lexicon, is a term often used to compartmentalise any narrative that can’t be filed under consensus. From a lizard alien super race, to political and scientific discourse, why has this banner become a catch all garbage can for anything we find too complex to confront or explain in simple terms?

How do we really benefit from such one size fits all terminology and have we really got to a point, where reality and fact have become so entangled in fantasy and fiction? The film will trace back the origins of the term, via some of the great conspiracies in our past and attempt to question the wider issue, of why legitimate scepticism and actual paranoid conspiracism have become so entwined. 

“Tin Foiled” will be a mid length documentary in the Para/Dox strand, launching Winter 2022/23.

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