Frame Damage

I’ve just added a new overlay pack to the Scratchtapes pages. This one is a mini pack of 11 clips and around 25 image textures. Themed around film damage and clutter, the clips are a combination of telecined Super 8 and scanned Super 8 and 16mm frames. Using a few different techniques for the damage, including bucket processing out of date film, it’s really geared towards the extreme end of film effects.

I’ve created a short demo clip, in a similarly dark mood to the others. If you would like more info, then please visit the page here, or you can always send me a message via the contact form.

Scratchtapes film fx new price

I’ve dropped the pricing on both the Scratchtapes clip bundles to $10.00 per bundle and updated both the store and product pages here.

The bundles are made up short clips, which can be overlayed onto existing footage, usually for a grunge, or old cine look. Comprised of light bleed, leader, dirt & scratches, the clips can be used with most NLE and video effects programs around.


Scratchtapes : Glitch

I’ve just added a new pack to the Scratchtapes collection, the first of a few I’m rolling out over the next couple of months. Glitch, is a pack of 20 short clips, from a few frames, to a few seconds in length. Like the Dirt collection, they are really intended to add low fi elements to clean footage, though they can be used in their own right.

I’ve called this pack Glitch, as that’s probably the best description of how they can be used. Consisting of film clutter, light streaks, video noise & interference, as well as some general weirdness, the pack is available for a reasonable $20/¬£13.

Here is a very short and slightly leftfield demo, giving an example of how they can be used.

For more info, check out the Glitch pack page here

Creating a grunge title sequence

Following on from my last post on the Scracthtapes demo, I’ve created another little demo clip, showing how, through the use of overlays and textures, you can create a grunge style title sequence. Perfect for horror and thriller type title sequences.

This was created really quickly, using only about 5 or 6 clips. The old film clutter layers were stacked over the titles ( simple text, with a small amount of glow added ), which makes them flash and burn. These were then overlayed again, on to some grimey textures for the end part. All achieved by choosing different composite modes like overlay, difference and screen.

I’ve also added a non commercial licence download to the store, called “Dirt Cheap”. It’s a pay what you like download of 8 clips. So if you want to get stuck in and mess about with these clips, then you can, without paying for the full collection, as long as it’s for personal use. Go here for more info ( scroll down the page ).

Film Clutter mini tutorial

( If you’re not sure what film clutter is and how it’s used, then watch the Scratchtapes demo clips, for a better idea. )

This very simple technique for adding an overlay of film grain and clutter, can have an effect that ranges from the subtle, to the extreme. A lot depends on the source footage, but the method of compositing and how much you grade both layers, can have pretty wide ranging effects on the end result. You might be going for a very low fi look with lots of artifacts or you might just want to introduce a bit of real world grain and noise at a low level. Hopefully, you will be able to experiment a little and use this mini tutorial purely as a starting point.

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Scratchtapes – Dirt

After a long break from updating the website, mostly due to several of my projects being held off for various reasons, I’ve decided to make a long overdue update on the Scratchtapes film effects. I’m starting this with a download collection of film clutter, called Dirt. This will be available from May 1st on this site. The freebie clips will stay up and might actually get added to, along with another tutorial or two next week, to tie in with this.

Scratchtapes – Dirt, is a collection of Super 8 and 16mm film footage, which can be used on digitally shot footage, to dirty it up a bit. This first collection will contain some of the original standard definition clips that were incuded on the original disc, along with a few 720p clips. I’ve created this short demo, just as an idea how the clips can be used…

Scratchtapes Dirt demo clips from Adrian Frearson on Vimeo.

Blender Editing

I’ve been messing around with Blender for a few years now, occasionally using it for titles/motion graphics etc. on projects and when I have time, trying my hand at a little modelling. Over the last few months though, I’ve been drawn more and more to it’s post production capabilities, with the upgrade to the sequence editor and the addition of compositing nodes for colour correction and keying. I’ve posted about this a while ago, but have since begun to use this side of the software on a more regular basis. Surprisingly, I now find myself turning to Blender sometimes, as an alternative to “other” post production software, to get some jobs done. 

Maybe it’s because I’ve become used to it’s way of working, but I find basic cutting in the sequence editor very fast and just plain logical. While it is still a long way from being an out of the box NLE, that will work in high pressure environments, I feel for film projects of my own, it’s more than enough to sketch out and even polish off some short form material. I recently edited a short piece in Blender, which I shot on one night in January. The footage was of the sun setting over the mountains. When working with it in the timeline, I decided to flip the direction of the shots, reversing some of them, to make it appear like sunrise. This took a matter of seconds to achieve, but it’s the kind of thing that can sometimes be much more time consuming. Anyway, here is the clip, filmed from the Pont D’Andey, overlooking the clouds above the valleys.




Avalanche Alley PT II

Over the last couple of winters I’ve been slowly working away at a long form documentary film, documenting the effect that snowfall and the subsequent avalanches have on the mountain eco system. I’ve never worked on or been involved in any kind of nature production, except my own personal films, but ever since I first picked up a film camera and started shooting skiing and snowboarding, my fascination with this subject has grown more each year.

This winter was a big snow year and ideally I would have liked have filmed more sequences than I did. But anyway I still managed to shoot some material for the film and hopefully, given good conditions next winter, might be able to complete the film in 2010. I’ve made a short teaser from some of this winters shots, which I’ve posted on Exposureroom.



Shooting naturally triggered avalanches is not the easiest thing in the world to do, you need to be in the right place at the right time obviously, but having quick reactions and gear that will react as fast is probably equally important. The last couple of winters shooting for this project have really been a testing ground for me and I’m now realizing that I may need to go back to my 16mm shooting days. I’ve shot most of the material so far with my FX1, which is a notoriously slow starting camera, even by other tape based systems. I think any digital based system isn’t ideal in a situation where the camera has to stay in standby, in the cold for hours on end and then suddenly drop into instant record. So I’m considering the switch back to Super 16, purely for shooting these sequences next year, conditions allowing. Most film cameras that I’ve used don’t suffer from poor start up times, they either run or they don’t! I had been thinking of using the upcoming Scarlet, to complete the project, but as start up on the current Red One is a bit of an issue, I will just have to wait and see how this develops. In the meantime I’m keeping my eye on S16 prices, quite a few people seem to be offloading film gear at the moment, so it could be time to scoop a bargain.





The Scratchtapes pages are being updated with some free clips, available for download and using in NLE or Compositing software. The Scratchtapes Vol1 is a stock footage DVD aimed at editors and media artists. A collection containing noise, film flash frames and grain, help to achieve a more lofi look from cleaner digital video.
Vol2, an Apple Loops collection, is in the finishing stages. A collection of B Movie sound effects, sound beds and music loops to complement the Scratchtapes collection. More soon.