Scratchtapes: Interface Free

To celebrate May 4th I’ve created a micro pack of retro sci-fi interfaces for Final Cut Pro. The pack consists of four variations of 1980s inspired, science-fiction interfaces and heads up displays. This micro pack is entirely free to use for both personal and commercial projects. As a bonus there are also two text templates, using the Syncro Let font, as well as an audio effects preset for voice processing those droid style comms.

May the fourth be with you.

FRAME DAMAGE: Film FX Rebooted

The Scratchtapes Film FX packs are being updated, with a rollout of several micro packs coming over the spring /summer.. Frame Damage Vol2, is a collection of 10 Final Cut Pro effects and a few flare and film clutter transitions, with simple to use controls for adding anything from subtle frame flickers, to extreme film damage effects.

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Frame Scanning with Dragonframe

One of the applications I often lean on for any SFX, product or small scale camera work is Dragonframe. It has become the industry standard within the world of stop motion film production, but seems to be something of an enigma to many other professionals in production and post. But look a little closer at what this software can do and more importantly, how seamless the workflow and it should become pretty clear what an amazingly useful tool it can be, even for non animators.

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