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The story of an incredible series of events that took place in Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, England. The incident involved USAF personnel in a close encounter with unknown craft at the very perimeter of RAF Woodbridge. Being leased to the USAF at the time the twin bases of RAF Woodbridge and RAF Bentwaters were highly sensitive as they ( although denied at the time ) housed nuclear weapons.

In the last few days of 1980, several security personnel investigated lights in the woods at the end of the runway, believing them to be some kind of downed aircraft. What followed over the next few nights has now become part of UFO legend. Little was known of the case by the wider public until 1983 when, through the FOIA the Halt memo was released by the US government. The memo consisted of a brief by Lt.col. Charles Halt to the M.O.D outlining the events. This was a sensational story for the media and became headline news in the UK. The case was immediately debunked by sceptics, more participants began to emerge and anybody who was anybody in the UFO community began to speculate.

The dates given in the Halt memorandum for the sightings were later found to be incorrect. It’s this confusion in part that has led to widespread confusion about the case and subsequent explanations as to the source of the sightings. Indeed it’s the huge amount of conflicting data, counter claims and the incredible mountains of paper trails that have made this, like the Roswell case a minefield for any researcher.

Arguments between the different camps have added to the haze surrounding this now most embarrassing of episodes for the USAF/MOD. What, if this is true, are the security implications of this? According to the MOD the case was considered to be of no defence interest.

Could it be that thousands of man hours have been spent by both governments over the years on what is no more than a group of personnel mistaking a lighthouse, soviet satellite or even a tractor as alien visitors?

Codename Rendlesham, retraces the story from it’s earliest days of local rumours in Suffolk, through to it’s current day, “British Roswell” status and examines the elements that have made this, one of our great modern legends.

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