Sub Surface Journal

I recently worked on a short promo edit for new angling and culture journal “Sub Surface”. A fun project to be involved with and ties in with the Navitas team.

Material wise, there was some really nice imagery, but bringing it together to reflect what Sub Surface was all about was tricky. In the end, including some excerpts from magazine interviews, was the solution, even though they were only ever intended for notation use. I think this project has a nice vibe and Gareth Fareham, the guy behind it, seems really focused on creating a nice quality experience. Hoping this goes from strength to strength for them. You can check out the first issue here


Navitas NIA range

Another edit for Navitas Apparel and the interactive range of clothing. The title and motion graphics were created by Sean Pointing, with camera and editing by myself.

Spartan Wetsuits studio shoot

A couple of months back, I did a studio photo shoot for Spartan Wetsuits. The shoot was lit mostly daylight ( from windows ) with a mix of fill flash bounced from white boards and a mixture of real model and mannequin shots.

Spartan are a UK based company, producing suits for the board sports market, which are ideally finished for the warm British waters ­čÖé





Navitas Promo

Something I’ve been involved with for a while now and I posted a little about over on my studio blog, is a new outdoor clothing brand Navitas Apparel. I’ve been good friends with Mark Munson, the man behind it all for a long time ( we used to shoot together back in the day ). When he came to me nearly a year ago with the concept, I immediately got stoked on the idea and couldn’t wait to contribute.

So, here we are a few months later and the website and products have launched ( pretty impressive in that space of time! ). I contributed this promo clip, along with a lot of the nature images in the catalogue and website. In fact all of the photography and video elements have been created by team members and it’s cool to be a part of a like minded team. There are a few really interesting things in the pipeline too, so hopefully I’ll be posting on those in the near future.

For more info on Navitas and the team, please check out

Frame Damage

I’ve just added a new overlay pack to the Scratchtapes pages. This one is a mini pack of 11 clips and around 25 image textures. Themed around film damage and clutter, the clips are a combination of telecined Super 8 and scanned Super 8 and 16mm frames. Using a few different techniques for the damage, including bucket processing out of date film, it’s really geared towards the extreme end of film effects.

I’ve created a short demo clip, in a similarly dark mood to the others. If you would like more info, then please visit the page here, or you can always send me a message via the contact form.