A.I CEO powered by ParaDox Neural Networks

This parody corporate promo, is inspired by the numerous articles that have saturated the web, on the coming future of A.I and it’s impact on the masses. It’s a slightly tongue in cheek poke at the thought process behind utopian visions, such as The Great Reset, which in reality are nothing short of dystopian nightmares, only being of benefit to the few.

A common theme running through Sci Fi lore, is one where AI and machine learning overtake humanity and only lead to negative outcomes. But what if things could be switched around and we could find a way to harness this technology and leave it in charge? Could we use it to make the world a better place? Possibly, but if something like A.I CEO was to emerge, then expect it to be met by a lot of resistance.

Perhaps if there is a message within this, it would be very clearly aimed at those in positions of power…. be careful what you wish for.

Produced as an intro to the Para/Dox series of docs and shorts, starting this winter.

Additional Image credits

Ketut Subiyanto, Dario Fernandez Ruz, Marian Croitoru, cottonbro, Tima Miroshnichenko, Pressmaster, Mikhail Nilov , Kindel Media , egamiFX Studio, Tom Fisk, Kampus Production, Ron Lach 


Announcing the launch of Para/Dox, an anthology series of documentary films that nods to the traditions of great drama series, such as “Tales from the Darkside”, “Amazing Stories”. Exploring concepts from the supernatural to pop culture, Para/Dox will run as a series of shorts, webisodes and mid length documentaries from Winter 21/22.

The series will be kicking off with the documentary short “Tin Foiled“, centered around the growing use of the term “conspiracy theory”.

2022 will also see the release of “The Watching” under the Para/Dox banner, a mid length documentary on the infamous Mathew Hopkins, more commonly know as the “Witchfinder General”.

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