Frequently Asked Questions

Why have I not received my file for download?

When making payment, you should receive both an invoice email and a confirmation email, which contains the link to your download. If this link isn’t working for you, then please get in touch, using the form below.

The file I downloaded, won’t playback, or I have an error message on my system?

All video files are encoded as .h264 mp4 files*, for the widest compatibility with most systems. If you are having problems with computer playback, it maybe your system is missing an extension. VLC is a cross platform player, that will play most video files on Mac, PC, or Linux systems. If VLC won’t play the files, then there could be a problem with your download, in which case, please use the form below.

* Excluding some Scratchtapes files

I would like to order a DVD/Hard copy?

In some cases, files are available to special order on disc. Please make a request using the form below, if you would like a physical copy.


If these FAQ’s can’t help you resolve an issue, then please get in touch.