Merry Conspiring Christmas

As we speed into 2023, it appears that conspiracy theories are rupturing around the world. As I type, the Twitter files are exposing major collusion, with a trail of payments from the US Intelligence services to social media companies. With what seems like a mass of daily revelations, I’m beginning to realise the need of bringing an alternate view on the subject of conspiracy to light. On the other hand, the overwhelming amount of material to work from and ultimately, what will have to be dropped away, is proving to be a mountain to climb.

I’ll be working on and off over the Christmas period, mostly taking the time to catch up working on “Tin Foiled“. With any luck and the wind in the right direction, then the film could be ready to drop by the end of January. I’ll update the site, once we pass the New Year mark.

In the meantime, wherever you’re from, whatever you believe and wherever you’ll be spending the period, I want to wish you a very Happy Christmas and and the very best of things for the New Year.

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